VCE Exam Revision Lectures – Exam Essentials (In-Depth Programs)

Our “Essentials’ VCE Exam Revision Lectures are well renowned for providing the most in-depth preparation for the VCE exams.

Students will receive a comprehensive and detailed coverage of examinable materials as specified in each subject’s Study Design, to VCAA examination standard. Emphasis will be placed on the more challenging concepts, as well as the areas that have been poorly addressed in past VCE exams.

Students will also:

  • Correct problem areas.
  • Clarify theoretical misconceptions that result in the loss of valuable marks in the exams.
  • Master the more difficult sections of each course.
  • Work through key exam-style questions and learn to recognise potential sources of errors.
  • Discover the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams.
  • Develop strong examination skills so they can secure every possible mark in the exams.
  • Receive first-hand advice regarding what markers expect from those students striving for the above average scores.
  • Learn how to set out answers in accordance with the marking schemes used by VCAA exam markers.

Students will also:

What Do Students Receive?

  • An effective and time-efficient way to revise for the exams.
  • The highest quality instruction from Victoria’s most trusted VCE program provider.
  • Engaging audio-visual presentations to cater for different learning styles.
  • Unlimited access to a “view-on-demand” recording of the audio-visual presentation for each enrolled lecture until the day after each subject exam. Students can watch and listen to these recordings as many times as they need to feel confident with the materials covered, and also as a further revision tool before the exams.
  • Detailed, comprehensive A+ notes that include every key concept that could be examined, clear and concise explanations, fully worked examples with step-by-step instructions and exam watch-outs – saving students countless hours in study time.
  • A large collection of exam-style questions to further consolidate and extend on taught skills at home.
  • The skills and information needed to perform to a high standard in the VCAA exams.