VCE Exam Revision

Dates: Saturday 18 September – Sunday 3 October 2021 (Term 3 School Holidays)

Venue: Interactive, Live-Streamed and On Demand Lectures

Students can save significant amounts of stress and time before their exams by having an experienced VCE teacher guide them through the revision process. Our ‘VCE Exam Revision Lectures’ have been designed with this purpose in mind, and to give students the skills and information they’ll need to perform to the highest possible standard in their final exams.

Two types of lectures are available :

Unit 2, 3 & 4 Exam Essential Lectures
These lectures offer students in-depth revision of examinable materials and significant attention to the development of  problem solving skills and examination techniques. Courses are available by unit.

3 & 4 Exam Highlights Lectures
Comprehensive 3 hour revision lectures designed for those students seeking valuable advice and guidance from senior VCE exam assessors (VCAA) without engaging in a detailed review of Unit 3 & 4 course materials.

VCE Exam Booster Classes

Dates: Friday 1 October 2021 – Sunday 24 October 2021

Venue: Lectures are a combination of live-streamed pre-recorded classes.

The VCE Exam Booster Classes are highly targeted courses dedicated to the mastery of examination techniques and building higher-level problem-solving/analytical skills. Due to time constraints, these important skills are rarely taught or cultivated at schools, but are essential if students are aiming for the higher VCE marks. Students attending these exam-focused classes will also learn to spot, anticipate and process exam tricks and traps and develop techniques to maximise marks in the more challenging questions that appear in exams. Significant attention will be placed on learning to recognise what information must be included in exam responses, and how to structure perfect answers that reflect the marking schemes used by VCE exam assessors to mark the VCE exams.

This unique and extremely beneficial program is an investment that every Year 11 and Year 12 student should seriously consider, and will certainly improve test and examination marks!

Master Classes

Dates: Friday 9 July – Sunday 17 October 2021

Venue: The University of Melbourne (Elizabeth Blackburn Campus)/Live-Streamed Interactive

Our Master Classes are specialised tuition classes designed to help students reach their full potential, be that a two-grade improvement or the elite A and A+ scores.

This program builds on the teaching that takes place in schools, giving students the opportunity to revise, reinforce and extend on key skills/concepts, and to develop strong problem-solving and exam techniques.

Students may complete the Master Classes in the comfort of their home (recorded version) or at the University of Melbourne (face-to-face version) on a weekly basis. Every student will also receive access to recordings of their enrolled classes.

Winter School

Dates: Wednesday 30 June – Friday 9 July 2021 (Term 2 School Holidays)

Venue: Interactive, Live-Streamed and On Demand Lectures

The winter holidays give students the opportunity to catch up, revise, extend, and get ahead in their studies, so they can reduce stress levels and study loads in Term 3 & 4. Working through materials on your own, however, can be tedious, time-consuming and ineffective. Winter School has therefore been designed to help you secure the best possible advantage in the VCE in an effective, time-efficient and relatively painless manner!

Two types of lectures are available at Winter School:

Unit 2 & Unit 4 Head Start Lectures
Cover topics ahead of school and you’ll find school much easier, you’ll spend less time on study and you’ll greatly improve  your VCE marks.

Unit 3 Exam Revision Lectures
Revise Unit 3 course materials to VCE (VCAA) examination standard now and reduce stress and study loads at the end of the year.


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