Discount Codes for Semester Two Master Classes

Please use the codes below at the checkout when you enrol into the Semester Two Master Classes.

Important Notes:

  • You can use a different code for each subject you enrol in (i.e. you get a discount for each subject).
  • This offer is only valid to Semester One students, if the code is used by an ineligible student they will be contacted for full payment.
SubjectDiscount Code
Year 11 Chemistrymc2-chem11
Year 11 Maths Methodsmc2-mm11
Year 12 Biologymc2-bio12
Year 12 Chemistrymc2-chem12
Year 12 Further Mathsmc2-fm12
Year 12 Maths Methodsmc2-mm12
Year 12 Physicsmc2-physics12
Year 12 Psychologymc2-psych12
Year 12 Specialist Mathsmc2-sm12