We’ll give you a huge advantage over your state-wide peers

  • You’ll be taught by teachers whose students consistently obtain high marks.
  • You’ll get up to date advice from VCAA markers – individuals who have access to important information that many teachers aren’t aware of, and which can make a big difference to your exam marks.
  • You’ll learn how to set out answers in accordance with the marking schemes used in the exams (the focus of the exams and the marking schemes change on a regular basis).
  • You’ll develop strong problem-solving skills, as well as valuable techniques for analysing and dissecting the harder application-style questions. (It takes time to develop these skills and those students who leave this process to the end of the year will not perform to the best of their ability in the exams).
  • You’ll master the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams and learn how to avoid potential sources of error.
  • You’ll establish strong exam techniques enabling you to complete exam papers in the available time.
  • You’ll complete exam preparations before your peers, giving you more time to work through potential exam questions – significantly improving examination marks.

The Master Classes